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‘Faoiseamh a Gheobhadsa’ 


                    Aimsir na Nollag 2015.

                            Na bac le mac an mhacaigh is ni bhacaigh mac an machaigh leatsa

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (1)..

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (2)

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (3)

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (4)

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (5)

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (6)

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (7)

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (8)

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (9)

Cultúrlann uí chanáin (10)

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Beo – ‘Beo’ meaning ‘live’ is a news resource in Irish with phrases translated into Irish

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 yu ming is ainm dom  Irish Video  


Is náisiún gan teanga náisiún gan anam


The Irish Alphabet consists of 23 letters

a á b c d e é f g h i í l m n o ó p r s t u ú 

You will notice also that there are 5 unique letters in the Irish Alphabet; á, é, í, ó and ú. They are known as fada vowels. Fada, meaning long, indicates how the sound of the letter is pronounced for a little longer than their regular vowel equivalent. It is important to note that fada vowels are distinct from their equivalent regular vowels. Slender vowels are i,e and the broad vowels are a,o,u.



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