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Hadds Training Plan

Lab sessions and pre-session information for running study at Magee

<Here> is the spreadsheet: HR-Training-Zones-Run-Bike-Swim-Triathlon-LTHR-HRmax-CP20-v103.xls.


Asics Sub 4 Hour Training plan

Weekly Schedule from 1st February 2016

Benji Durden Running Tips

Power training Runs Spreadsheets

25 Worst questions to ask a Runner

A Runners guide to supplements                                                    A runners guide to supplements

Beat plantar pain                                                                             Blueberry smoothe

Brain Training                                                                                Chicken Stew

Brain Training Part 2                                                                      Eat by the clock

Cold Warriors                                                                                 Electrolytes

Digital Toolkit                                                                                 Fight Fatigue

Easy 1 2 3                                                                                        Food

Electrolytes                                                                                      Handy Bites

Fight Fatigue                                                                                   Hot Food

Foot Problems                                                                                 Marathon Foods

Half Marathon Special                                                                     Liquid Punch

Head Strong                                                                                     Meat

Heart Rate                                                                                       Nuts

Heart rate Training                                                                          Power packed potato salad

Improving 5k results                                                                       Power Plants

Intervals                                                                                          Protein Packed Stew

Marathon Magazine                                                                        RDA on a plate

Leaders Digest                                                                                Resconstruct your Diet

Lungs                                                                                               Sole Food

Make Yourself a Runner                                                                 Speedwork Nutrition

Marathon Plan                                                                                 The Carbs Myth

Marathon                                                                                         Warm up fuel Nuts

Marathon Blueprint                                                                         Warm Up Fuel  

Marathon Success Path                                                                   Warm up Fuel.1

Motion Pictures                                                                               Warm up fuel.2

Older Running

Out Of The Blocks


Quick Thinking



Run like Clockwork

Run, Rest, Retweet

Running Shoes

Running Wisdom

Shin Pain

Six Major Marathons

Speed Work

Stress Fracture

Target Workouts

The Drinking Runners Handbook

The Elite Core Workout

The Fast Track1

The Fast Track2

The Long Run

The Rules of Three

Top Seeds

Warm up Fat Burning

Warm up Injury Clinic

Warm Ups1

Warm Ups2

Warm Ups3

Warm Ups4

Winning Strategy